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Des applications intégrées, des systèmes qui interagissent

Have you ever wondered how much time and money you can waste simply because of a lack of interactions between systems. How many mistakes are caused just because the same data has to be entered twice or three times in different places. Now imagine a solution where all the systems are connected: accountability, sales, purchase, inventory, marketing, CRM, HR, e-commerce etc… 

Add some fluidity in your everyday operations thanks to Odoo!

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Vos besoins grandissent en même temps que votre entreprise

You have just started your business? Why spend a fortune on a complex ERP solution, way too big for your needs? At Arche TI we understand that young companies need an ERP just as big companies but perfectly adapted to their reality.

As your company grows so will your needs (and your budget). At Arche TI we will help you adapt your ERP solution to your changing needs and requests by adding the applications you need exactly when you need them…

Payez à l'utilisation

Unlike conventional ERPs (that only provide super expensive and complex systems), we are able to integrate Odoo apps one at a time according to your real needs.

At Arche TI we really listen to you and we find creative solutions to perfectly suit your priorities.
Because you are what matters most to Arche TI

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Pilotez efficacement votre entreprise

No matter the size of your business, we all have the same stake: a global understanding and a transverse vision of our activities to optimize them.With Odoo and the help of Arche TI, it’s within reach in a few months only.

With the various apps that actually talk to each other, all the data can be cross analyzed and aggregated. This gives you access to a vast quantity of unsuspected information ready to be capitalized!

Now that’s what we call a complete vision of your business!

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